Building An Effective Work Culture

Assessment Of Organisational Culture And Building An Effective Work Culture

Culture is the most important intangible (yet unfortunately most neglected !!!) that makes an organisation deliver ground-breaking consistently. Most firms are clueless about the nature of their current organisational culture and what cultural shifts employees aspire for. Absence of a scientific and objective assessment results in a lot of energies getting trapped and resulting in an adverse impact on organisational performance. We scientifically measure the current culture of the organisation, identify where the tectonic shifts indicate, and design interventions to bring about a shift in the organisational culture.
  • Organisational culture plays a vital role in influencing organisational performance.
  • While a positive work culture helps in getting talent, retaining talent, and high productivity, toxic work culture can be damaging for an organisation.
  • We scientifically assess the organisational culture online and design appropriate interventions to develop a positive work culture resulting in high performance.
  • The model below depicts the broad approach adopted for assessing and building organisational culture.

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