Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Create Positive and Sustainable Futures for Organizations

(A descriptive video showing our Vision)

Description of Terms of the Vision


Involves well thought out and intentional activities.


Changes that have a positive impact on performance and employee well-being.


Changes are enduring, catering to the requirements of most stakeholders.


The scope of our work involves organizations of all types and levels.


Present well considered and researched initiatives carve out possibilities of multiple futures.

Description of Terms of the Vision

  • This video shares the importance of well-developed Vision, Mission, and Values
  • It provides a glimpse of the importance of deploying Vision, Mission, and Values in a firm’s processes.
  • Investing in developing the Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategy aligned to them is a KEY COMPETITIVE DIFFERENTIATOR.

Our Mission

To Carryout Impactful Action Research Projects for Making Positive Changes in Organisations

We objectively diagnose the requirements, draw upon research evidence and contextual knowledge from key organizational stakeholders, design initiatives and collaborate with you in executing the initiatives, thereby making positive changes.

To Provide Impactful Strategic Human Resources Advisory Services to Progressive Organisations

We employ our rich experience and expertise in providing you advise that holds the potential to make a strategy impact to your business.

To Provide Strengths-Based Executive Coaching to Leaders

We coach senior executives by mapping their strengths profile and bringing the best of themselves at work to achieve the dual objective of superior performance and personal well-being.

To Help People in Distress by Providing Strengths-Based Counselling Services

We provide one-to-one virtual counselling services to address the distress in people and make them productive and happier.

Our Values

Employ Science

We employ science and research evidence for improving organizational effectiveness and increasing the probability of success.

Adopt a Systemic Approach

We do not look at an issue in isolation but unearth the underlying interconnections that contribute to current problems. Thereafter, we work through the complexities and design simple solutions that solve current problems while also fool-proof the organization for similar problems in future.

Provide Customised Solutions

As each situation is unique and a result of industry factors, business drivers, and cultural uniqueness, we design unique solutions that address an organization’s specific concerns.

Build Capability

We partner with your internal team in designing and executing solutions, thereby building the internal capability of the organization to manage future challenges.

We create
positive futures

Generate Value for Investment

As our solutions are an outcome of employing scientific evidence and takes a systemic approach, the solutions are impactful, thereby providing a high value for your investment.

Values Explained via Model

Our History

Sept. 2017 toMay 2021

Accepted action research projects and consulting assignments from clients who approached the promoter; limited assignments accepted due to the Founder’s preoccupation with management research.


The website of HARS launched and services made available to progressive organizations

A back-end team recruited for supporting client delivery.  


The firm registers as a proprietorship firm



Dr. Vikas Rai Bhatnagar founded Hyperspace Action Research Services based on his experience working with various organisations
    Hyperspace Action Research Services partners with business leaders in making organizations effective (sustained profitability as well as well-being of employees) by employing rich experience and deep scholarship, thereby increasing the probability of success.
    Gurgaon, Haryana, India
    +91 81300 70950