Evolving and Deploying Vision, Mission, and Values

Evolving and Deploying Vision, Mission, and Values

Organizational vision defines the purpose of existence and is the powerhouse of energy for deriving high objectives of business growth and profitability. Many organizations have either not articulated them or have not done it well, resulting in poor business performance. Evolving a meaningful vision of the organisation, creating a process such that the vision is shared and owned by the majority of employees and stakeholders, identifying the values that define behaviours that will be employed for achieving the time-bound objectives emerging from the vision, goes a long way in ensuring sustained profitability of the company.

To provide a strategic direction and align resources to make their best utilisation, we partner with client organisation in

  • Developing VISION of the organisation, thereby providing aspirational STRATEGIC DIRECTION.
  • Evolving MISSION taking the client’s organisation closer to REALISING THE VISION.
  • Partnering with client organisation in developing STRATEGY MAPS for translating the MISSION into STRATEGIC GOALS.
  • Evolving the VALUES of the organisation, strategy for generating awareness among the employees, and DESIGNING ORGANISATIONAL PROCESSES, enabling employees to PRACTICE THE VALUES.

Developing and Deploying Vision, Mission & Values

  • This video shares the importance of well-developed Vision, Mission, and Values
  • It provides a glimpse of the importance of deploying Vision, Mission, and Values in a firm’s processes.

Employing Poetry for Deploying Values in an Organization—The Anthem!!!

  • After James Collins and Jerry Porras popularized the impact of Vision, Mission, and Values for creating sustainable wealth for stakeholders, many firms articulated these strategic elements. However, most remained ritualistic ornaments and did not improve the firm’s performance.
  • Value deployment is important for inspiring behavior that results in improved firm performance as well as enabing people’s well-being.
  • One of the most effective ways of deploying Values in an organization is by using Art forms. Here’s an example of how the Values of a B-school doctoral program (where the Founder and CEO Dr. Bhatnagar was the Chairperson) are woven into an Anthem and deployed in the organization.
  • Such Art based Values deployment, in addition to many other simultaneous methods, holds the promise of building the right culture of high performance to manifest.

Employing Theater for Deploying Values in an Organization

  • William Dafoe stated that “Great theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to be.” And what better way to deploy organizational Values than to use the power of theatre!!!
  • As a case study, a B-school faced challenges in launching a doctoral program (Fellow Program in Management) and has been struggling to do so for the last 15 years.
  • While a differentiating strategy led to the many talented scholars flocking to take the uniquely designed doctoral program, Values supporting the realization of the lofty Vision of the doctoral program were articulated.
  • The deployment and internalization of Values were carried out by multiple means, including the Anthem, and writing a theatre and having it enacted.
  • This video showcases the employment of theatre for deploying Values.



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