Business Schools Turnaround Strategy and Execution

Business School Turnaround Strategy And Execution

A recent survey discloses 93% of graduating management students from Indian business schools are unemployable. The three main processes of a business school—admissions, academics, and placements—form a system, each influencing the quality of the other. Our research on developing a game-changing turn-around strategy for a business school is published in a reputed international journal. It has equipped us with deep insights on turning around business schools. We employ the effective principles of systems science to evolve and execute a turnaround strategy for business schools, improving the quality of admissions, academics, and placement of students.

Our uniqueness lies in the following:

  • Deep ethnographic insights on the causes for poor to mediocre performance of business schools.
  • Application of system science, principles of strategic management, and organizational behavior for evolving a customized transformational strategy.
  • A rich and unique convergence of impactful corporate experience at senior levels (we know what the corporate requires of business schools and students and keep ourselves updated on it), insights on best practices of business schools, scholarship in strategic management and organization behavior, and research publications in high impacting journals. In addition, we have a PASSION for the HIGHER EDUCATION SECTOR that combines to position us uniquely to make high-impact contributions to business schools.
  • Action research published in the prestigious journal Systemic Practice and Action Research on evolving a transformational strategy for a business school. The link to the research is: Employing Local Systemic Intervention for Evolving a Transformational Organisation Strategy-Action Research in an Indian Business School | SpringerLink
  • Many thought-leadership articles are published in AACSB Insights and Times Higher Education.
  • The model below depicts the broad approach adopted (The Viable System’s Model) for transforming business schools.

Below are the links to the publication of Dr. Vikas Rai Bhatnagar’s articles/papers related to higher education in reputed global institutes such as AACSB and Times Higher Education and international journals.

Employing Local Systemic Intervention for Evolving a Transformational Organization Strategy-Action Research in an Indian Business School | SpringerLink

Military lessons for university top brass | Times Higher Education (THE)

A Holistic Approach for Heightened Engagement | AACSB

An Integrated Model for Creating Conscious Leaders | AACSB

Reframing Our Purpose Through Dharma | AACSB

Below we share the participation of Dr. Vikas Rai Bhatnagar in a global panel discussion organized by the International Network of Outcomes-Based Education held on the 14th of August 2022. The prominent co-panelists were Dr. William Spady (Father of Outcomes-Based Education) and Prof. Anil Sahasrabudhe, then Chairman of the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). The panel discussion was moderated by a former senior BBC correspondent, Gavin Hewitt.

Importance of Vision, Mission, and Values for Achieving Outcome-Based Education

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