Opportunities with HARS

ASSOCIATE WITH HARS (Firm-level Collaboration)

Hyperspace Action Research Services is keen to collaborate with consulting firms having similar value orientations and complementary service portfolios to contribute and create value synergistically. We are keen to collaborate with firms in India, Southeast Asian Countries, the Middle East, and other SAARC countries. Additionally, we are keen to collaborate with progressive and research-oriented institutes to carry out collaborative research, create impactful knowledge, and build action research capabilities in the institute. Please feel free to reach out to Dr. Vikas Rai Bhatnagar at vikasrb@hars.in or WhatsApp at 8130070950 to have a conversation

ASSOCIATE WITH HARS (Individual-level Association):




Action Research Associates

    • Primary Purpose: Form part of action research project to deliver to the clients.
    • Key Accountabilities:
      • Research on the client areas of concern to come up with insightful diagnostics.
      • Develop action plans and partner in executing them to make positive impact to the client.
    • Qualifications and Experience:
      • A master’s or doctorate in social sciences/management with up to 10 years of work experience in consulting/corporate. No age bar for talented professionals.
      • Freelance consultants are also welcome to associate with HARS.
    • Please respond with your CV at opportunity@hars.in

Business Development Associates

    • Primary Purpose: Approach prospective clients and generate leads, resulting in clients taking the services of HARS.
    • Key Accountabilities:
      • Prepare and deliver the revenue targets by designing and executing innovative marketing and sales strategies.
      • Generate productive leads by carrying out targeted marketing, including social media marketing.
      • Assist in closure of assignments with clients, resulting in achieving the revenue targets.
    • Qualification and Experience:
      • A graduate or postgraduate with relevant skills and experience to carry out business development professionally and ethically.
      • Freelance consultants and consulting firms having complementary services are also welcome to associate.

Please respond with your CV at opportunity@hars.in

Empanelling Psychologists

Globally, mental health is growing into a huge concern. HARS is keen to empanel psychologists to provide counselling services to clients.

Interested psychologists may reach out to Dr. Vikas Rai Bhatnagar at vikas@hars.in

Empanelling Coaches

Philosophically, HARS grounds its services in systems science and positive psychology. Accordingly, HARS invites Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches across the Globe to associate with HARS in providing strengths-based coaching.

Interested psychologists may reach out to Dr. Vikas Rai Bhatnagar at vikas@hars.in

    Hyperspace Action Research Services partners with business leaders in making organizations effective (sustained profitability as well as well-being of employees) by employing rich experience and deep scholarship, thereby increasing the probability of success.
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