Designing Effective Performance Management Systems

Designing And Executing Effective Performance Management Systems

Globally, performance management systems are a matter of concern. Michael Armstrong, UK’s bestselling author of Human Resources Management books mentions performance management systems as an “annual dishonest ritual”. In most organizations, the performance management systems are ill-designed and they do not support the achievement of business objected. The design and execution of performance management systems create more dissatisfaction in employees rather than motivating them to exhibit break-through performance. Our deep scholarship, wide experience in designing effective performance management systems and research proves effective in contributing to top and bottom-line growth of the organizations by innovating design and seamless execution of the system.
  • Designing effective performance management systems is always a challenge.
  • A majority of employees are not satisfied with the performance management system.
  • We bring our rich experience of designing performance management systems and have published our high-impacting research in leading books and journals.
  • Dr. Bhatnagar has been conferred the “HR Research of the Year Award in 2013” for his ground-breaking contributions in designing performance management systems.

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