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Why a psycho-socio-technical model of transformational learning will better prepare students for a rapidly changing world.

Gen Z students are seeking business programs that offer flexible delivery, meaningful social interactions, and humanistic approaches. Jack Mezirow’s theory of transformational learning can serve as a foundation for delivering student-centric curricula that require self-paced learning, incorporate peer evaluation, and encourage self-discovery. To answer the global call for inclusive lifelong learning opportunities, business schools can […]

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Systemic coaching for higher effectiveness

Practitioners’ literature on coaching has swelled as compared to the theoretical grounding and academic research on coaching, thereby questioning if coaching is a profession. Furthermore, the increasing investments in coaching seek a higher return on investments. These trends call for a deeper theoretical grounding of coaching and evolving innovative approaches that increase the effectiveness of coaching. Against this backdrop, this study aims to describe a process a coach can adopt for objectively and systemically understanding the context of the coachee at multiple levels (organisational, teams/dyadic and interpersonal) to develop and execute an effective coaching intervention.

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