Dr. Anjali Tiwari

Dr. Anjali Tiwari, a distinguished scholar and professional, is a shining example of dedication and compassion in the world of academia and business. Holding a PhD from the prestigious MDI Gurgaon and armed with 5 years of invaluable work experience, she currently serves as a dedicated faculty member at the Jaipuria Institute of Management.

Dr. Tiwari’s global perspective is evident through her participation in two international assignments, which showcase her commitment to fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration. Her academic contributions are profound, with 6 publications to her name and the honor of receiving a Best Paper Award, a testament to the quality and impact of her research. Her active engagement in both national and international conferences demonstrates her dedication to staying at the forefront of contemporary management practices and academic discourse. In a significant achievement, she has published a case in the esteemed Harvard Business Review (HBR), a platform revered for its influence in the business world. This achievement highlights her ability to distil complex concepts into practical insights that resonate with a global audience. Beyond her academic pursuits, her commitment to lifelong learning extends to her role as a facilitator for Faculty Development Programs (FDP) and Management Development Programs (MDP) for senior executives. Through these initiatives, she imparts her knowledge and expertise, contributing to the growth and development of seasoned professionals.

Her dedication to social causes is evident in her ongoing Social Entrepreneurs Program. This program engages retired employees in meaningful interactions aimed at making a positive impact on the world. Her work in this area reflects her belief in the power of individuals to effect positive change, even after retirement. Her research interests are deeply rooted in human dignity, life after retirement, and the dynamics of apology in the workplace. These areas of study underscore her commitment to understanding and improving the human experience in both professional and personal contexts.

Dr. Anjali Tiwari’s journey is a remarkable blend of academic excellence, social consciousness, and a dedication to fostering positive change in the world. Her passion for research and education, coupled with her commitment to social entrepreneurship, make her a truly inspirational figure in the field of management and beyond

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