Nihar Pradhan

A professional management consultant at work and has been a passionate creative writer off work. Having worked with Corporates and been a Startup entrepreneur, he brings a much-needed nuanced perspective to his consulting lens. He has engaged with hundreds of organizations for business transformation over the last two and half decades. As a practice evangelist, Nihar has uniquely conceptualized a new management framework that has been published in a book titled “MAP Index” – practice best practice.

Nihar is a mechanical engineer and a management graduate. He has authored books and has published a number of fiction and non-fictions articles in leading newspapers, magazines, and online portals. His penchant for writing deeply reflects in his knowledge blog titled “Makeup & Breakup” – with over thousand articles published. He loves walking, thinking, reading, reflecting and writing on science, literature, art and philosophy with the prime motive of simplifying thoughts and amplifying ideas. All these manifests in Nihar providing holistic and impactful solutions to clients concerns.

    Hyperspace Action Research Services partners with business leaders in making organizations effective (sustained profitability as well as well-being of employees) by employing rich experience and deep scholarship, thereby increasing the probability of success.
    Gurgaon, Haryana, India
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