Nihar Sharma

Nihar is a Turnaround Catalyst and a certified Coach. She specialises in organic and holistic transformation, resulting in individual, organisational and social turnaround. She is a serial entrepreneur, a business sustainability & turnaround coach/consultant and Organisation Development & Change Practitioner with over 27 years of experience. She has been a consultant and advisor to leaders in corporate organisations, NGOs, Social Enterprises, Govt. Agencies, Management Institutions, University and Entrepreneurs. She has coached and mentored organisation leaders and entrepreneurs in creating transformational leaps for themselves and their organisations. Her coaching clients include leaders who are IIT, IIM and Harvard Alumni.

Her areas of interest in OD include System Level Holistic Transformation, Organisation Culture Change, Diversity, Strategy, Individual, Small Group & Large Group Interventions, Leadership Development, Behavioural Interventions, as well as Business Sustainability. Her clients applaud her sharp business insight and outstanding skills as an advisor, coach, consultant and facilitator. She combines business pragmatism with rich know-how in engaging people to create innovative business focused solutions.

She has founded two Social Ventures. Her current venture Mundona Rural Development Foundation has been awarded for their work by the UP Governor & Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. Her research paper on ‘Understanding the Growth Needs and Challenges of Non-government Organisations’ has been published in Indian Journal of Social Work, of Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

She is a management post graduate and has studied Business Sustainability Management from Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership, University of Cambridge. She has studied Strategy & Marketing from IIT Delhi (DMS). She is an accredited facilitator for Achievement & Entrepreneur Motivation. She is a certified Organization Development & Change Practitioner and an Applied Behavior Science Expert. Nihar is a Master NLP Practitioner and a certified Pranic Psychotherapy healer. Also, she is a certified Corporate Director from World Council of Corporate Governance, UK. She is a member of Institute of Directors and has been a Charter member of TIE.

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